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The Langaro boutique was designed to make attainable luxury fashion more fun in a personal and intimate environment. When launching our online store shop.langaro.com, we created the hashtag #DareToHave Attitude as a testament to our style philosophy. Given that our exclusive brands are now sold from our boutique and online, we are able to offer a range of styling options for you to shop when, where and how you want.

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We are all aware of the impact of that first impression. Our goal is to continue that defined personal look into every day thereafter.


Your clothing choices and how they fit will define how your are perceived and received, and how people interact with you. The personal style which you present should be therefore by synonymous with the accomplished individual you are.

At Langaro, we provide highly personalised shopping experience unlike any other. From building an essential basic wardrobe to event appropriate looks, our stylist will learn the  the about fashion demands of your lifestyle, then guide you to the solutions you will love – even extending advice on hair and makeup. Our intimate approach to luxury shopping will keep women and men in the know looking fabulous at any given time.


Meet our stylist when, where and how you want. Share your information below, and we will schedule an appointment designed to suit you.


Whether in the boutique or online, your personal shopping appointments are dedicated entirely to you and your wardrobe needs.


By getting to know you better, we can continuously update and tailor your wardrobe. We will contact you before, after and in between appointments to help build your seasonal wardrobe. And we encourage you to stay in touch, too.

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duncan pape

Duncan Papé is an esteemed Cape Town-based personal stylist. Duncan launched his career in the fashion industry as an assistant to couture designers Errol Arendz and then Kobus Dippenaar. He then moved onto personal styling at House Of Fashion where he cultivated his sharp eye for quality fabrics, exceptional garment construction and customer service. As a personal stylist, Duncan applies his industry experience and fashion sensibility toward helping men and women shop intelligently and elevate their personal image by dressing well.

“Being taught by the best in the industry,I firstly learned the skills of analysing a client’s body shape and personal style, then dressing him or her accordingly. Secondly, I firmly believe that dressing event appropriately trumps the weather any day. You wouldn’t wear a chunky knit to a red carpet event even if its raining. And finally, there’s a client’s lifestyle to contend with. Bling is out if you own a farm so textures might come into play here.

Taking all these factors into considerations, I still believe in simplicity and fun.

“My mission is to simplify my client’s lives so shopping and getting dressed easy, efficient and fun. Fashion should not be taken seriously. Mix it up; wear a cocktail dress with ankle boots and a long cardigan. It’s not just about curating a perfect look or closet, it’s about establishing a personalised style and #DareToHaveAttitude. Having a fashion expert guide you towards building an intelligent wardrobe is a long-term investment in your time, energy and money.” – Duncan Papé


Style Philosophy. Personal. Simple. Fun.


Efficient, organised and personalised shopping experiences.Let’s go shopping! We will create a customised itinerary that suits your needs, style preferences and budget. All items are pre-selected to ensure a stress free and fun experience. All you’ll need to do is try on the outfits and pick your favourites. We will guide you towards smart purchases and eliminate any unnecessary acquisitions.


Styled outfit collages for all occasions. ​Invite Langaro over to photograph and style your wardrobe.Within a couple of days, you will receive a personalised look book with multiple outfit combinations, categorised according to seasons and  occasions. Learn how to put together versatile outfits that transition seamlessly from day to night and discover new ways to wear old favourites. The look book will provide you with numerous outfits to choose from without having to splurge for every new event.


Start with reviewing your lifestyle and style goals to establish and define your personal style. Evaluate your wardrobe and decluttered, keeping only the pieces which will enhance or compliment your new and improved personal style. Discover new ways of styling existing items in your closet.


Eliminate old, ill-fitting and outdated items to make room for the new. ​Editing your closet is the first step towards obtaining a curated, intelligent and organised wardrobe. Having me by your side eliminates the guesswork of what needs to go, what to keep and what to purchase. ​Having a curated and clutter-free closet allows you to dress with ease and clarity. ​We will arrange a pick-up service for donations.


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