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Our fair trade, eco-friendly, organic, anti-aging facial

Yes, you read that headline correctly; Langaro offers a facial treatment which ticks all the do-good / feel good boxes.

Do Good Experience
Terres d'Afrique is an experience where nature meets science in equal measure. Botanical ingredients are uniquely African, many from ancient tribal rituals. Brand developers have also worked with growers in remote regions to develop an unstinting commitment to biodiversity and environmental sustainability. The brand follows the principles of the Nagoya Protocol: “Fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilisation of genetic resources". This translates into Fair Trade, empowerment of women, respect for indigenous intellectual property, organic farming and sustainable harvesting without depleting resources or impacting air and water quality. Furthermore, recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients minimise their carbon footprint.

What all this means is that a Terres D'Afrique facial is organic, natural, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced and a result of Fair Trade but does it hold back the ravages of time?

Feel Good Products
Terres d'Afrique has exercised scientific rigour to achieve high efficacy results from plant-based indigenous traditional elixirs. In so doing, they've developed a sophisticated luxury range dedicated to restore and protect the natural balance of the skin.

The formulation is a combination of a pH similar to the skin’s pH, high levels of stable Omegas (particularly Omega 3) plus powerful antioxidants to regulate the ageing process as well as maintain maintaining the skin’s equilibrium.

In the treatment room.
Dry, dehydrated skin will benefit from a 60 minute facial with the rich aroma of natural superfood ingredients and the Afrique Arising massage technique stimulates the blood flow to the skin. Omega-rich oils and linoleic acids will richly re-hydrate the deep layers of the skin. Vitamins from the Baobab tree will restore the skin’s elasticity leaving it supple, plumped and smooth.

Take it home
The aftercare range includes a cleanser, toner, scrub, serum, mask and facial oil for nature-lovers, eco-friendly, health-conscious individuals who want to take this true African experience home.
Calming Cleaner: The anti-allergenic and soothing properties of rooibos and Aloe ferox calm irritated, inflamed skin | Gentle Face Scrub: Omega rich marula oil softens, nourishes and helps regenerate skin cells. | Deep Cleansing Mask: The clay extracts heavy metals and toxins leaving skin refreshed and radiant. | Antioxidant Toner: Antioxidant toner fights free radicals caused by pollution, smoke, sun and stress. | Light Facial Cream: Vitamin C, copper and zinc found in baobab, rooibos and Aloe ferox improve skin elasticity. | Facial Glow: A highly concentrated blend of omegas help to restructure and regenerate skin cells membranes. | Uplifting Serum: Kigelia extract tightens and firms skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Book an Afrique Arising anti-ageing facial with us or pop in to shop the delectable skincare range. This is Africa in all its beauty.

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