MicroKeratin: The Protein vs Moisture Debate

We all crave healthy, manageable hair. It looks good and saves time. Right? Sadly, environmental damage, stress, chemicals, swimming pools, overprocessing, heat styling aids, a poor diet and good ol’ DNA are all contributing factors to leaving it dry, frizzy, damaged and less desirable. Enter MicroKeratin, the keratin treatment created to work from the inside

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Deep tissue massage and fascia release?

Most will perceive a massage treatment as relaxing on a spa bed, being lulled by ambient music and soothing fragrances as the delicate yet firm caress of a masseuse transports you to nirvana. While this may ring true, there are intense healing benefits to be gleaned from massage therapy. One such treatment is deep tissue massage. A

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Professional Tips for Eyelash Extensions

Pelmar Gumbo is our eyelash guru. Her gentle nature and professional approach to client care make her the perfect candidate for such delicate work. So let’s chat about the do’s and don’ts of eyelash extension, who’s an ideal candidate, and the million dollar tip a therapist will not share with you. What is an eyelash extension? Eyelash extensions

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Epilfree Permanent Hair Reduction System

Investing in you means giving the world the best version of yourself. In our continuous pursuit to assisting in creating The Ultimate You, we have introduced the revolutionary new Epilfree Permanent Hair Reduction System. This revolutionary 3-part system offers laser-like results without the pain of a laser treatment, leaving you with a silky smooth, hair-free body.

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History and Secrets of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a therapeutic massage designed to relieve tension, ease muscles, induce relaxation, aid better sleep and even improve digestion. During a hot stone massage, smooth flat stones, made of volcanic or river basalt, are heated in water to about 49degC. They’re then placed along the spine, on the stomach, chest or palms.

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