Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment

Summer is on its way, bringing long hot days, sipping delicious cocktails and maybe a holiday romance. Have you thought of what this will do to your lips? Fact: UV rays break down collagen and causes dehydration which leads to fine lines. Fact: The only source of moisture to the lips is saliva, which dries

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Why Clear + Brilliant laser is a cut above the rest.

Anti-aging is the word on everyone’s lips these days so we listened and introduced Clear + Brilliant, the new approach to anti-aging from the inside. Myth 1: Short hair grows faster than long Gone are the days when an anti-aging facial meant applying fancy cream to your face in the hope that it would magically

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Skin savers staring you in the face

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging it’s easy to become distracted by technology, advanced systems and lists of ingredients carry terminology we cannot spell or pronounce. Our advice it to start with the absolute basics which are literally staring us on the face. What is aging? To fight the signs of aging,

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How to treat adult acne.

I really want bad skin, said no one ever. So why should we settle for spots and pimples. The pursuit of a healthy skin started when mother nature hit us with those pre-teen hormones. Every morning we’d confront our image in the mirror, hoping the gods would have cleared our spots ion the night. And

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Finding the perfect denim jeans

Unless you’re in a gangsta rap video, denim jeans should neither be ripped or reveal plumber’s crack. The same principle applies to super skinny’s; they’re best left to the indie rockers and goths. While the perfect fit may not exist, we shouldn’t be deterred from finding The One which flatters our body shape while straddling

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