5 Winter protection tips you may not know about

Winter skin will feel itch, dry and irritated. A few simple reboots to your daily routine will leave you beautifully hydrated with glowing healthy skin and yes, even your hair. Avoid wet clothes Wear as many waterproof layers as you can. Wet clothing will cause slight skin irritations and cause itchiness or sores. Instead of

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Anti-aging for Millenial Skin

The newly relaunched Skin Regimen by Comfort Zone was designed to target the urban needs of millennial skin. This modern approach to skincare is clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress and lifestyle ageing. Interestingly, this new range is suitable for any age as the skin issues it addresses are include dullness, dehydration, imperfections,

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Our colour house journey to Goldwell Hair Colour.

By the end of 2017, the Langaro hair team were stuck in an unfamiliar situation. A trusted hair colour house which we’d been using since our launch five years ago changed their chemical compounds. This change on colour manufacture led to significantly different results. The same trusted colour recipe we used on the same client’s

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How to get a 5 star rating from your hair stylist

As you know, your Uber driver rates you as a passenger just as you rate him as a driver. This means that having a low rating score as a passenger could influence how you will be serviced by other Uber drivers. Now, consider this: the same principle applies to your hair stylist. Scary thought, isn’t

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5 ways to protect your skin in autumn

Our skins are more delicate than we give them credit for. Binge out or skip a nightly routine and our faces will let us know, either with a breakout or saggy eyes. It therefore goes without saying that a change in weather and our subsequent diets, solicits a few tweaks to our skincare routine. Here

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