You get a masque, and you get a masque…

Every day we hear of something being ‘standard’. Luxury comes standard, cars have standard features, even moisturisers come standard with UV protection. But does this equate to the best for you? In our opinion, ‘standard’ isn’t good enough when it comes to skincare. Look around you, look beyond the makeup or beards. Notice how different everyone’s skin texture looks;

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What is reflexology?

The idea of having a masseuse cup your feet and massage tired, cramped, aching muscles is undoubted, the ultimate in luxurious pampering. But what if we told you that a foot massage could do more than soothe away a day of pounding the pavement. Did you know that your eye is nestled comfortably under your

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Microdermabrasion; exfoliation for healthy glowing skin

The microdermabrasion is a new skincare routine by Bio-Therapeutic created to perform a highly controlled exfoliation of the skin. Skin abnormalities, which originate in the epidermis, are improved and corrected to reveal smooth glowing skin. The device used by trained Bio-Therapeutic skin therapists is a BioBrasion Trinity. It includes a handheld device attached to a

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KMX Masque; The Kevin Murphy Experience tailored for you

Bespoke. Tailored. Designed with you in mind. These are all buzzwords floating around the social sphere. Words which could easily be construed as marketing tools designed to make us feel special in a maelstrom of stats and reference numbers. In the world of Kevin Murphy hair care, these words are true.  KMX, The Kevin Murphy Experience, hair care routine which our stylists

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The IBX nail strengthening treatment works

Are your nails acetone-weary? Yellowed, weak, dry or flaky? Well, help is literally at hand. Literally. The IBX Strengthen and Repair system addresses nails damaged by daily wear ‘n tear, a poor diet, nail bed infections, continuous Gelish applications or general lack of maintenance. IBX STRENGTHEN is an intense treatment used to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish. Most

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