Sleeping with makeup will age your skin. Cleanse. Cleanse. Cleanse.

We’ve been hearing something scary from more than one client. Its come to our attention that people are not performing a thorough cleanse as part of their skincare routine. Some are merely using a body soap while in the shower, while others are leaving their makeup on, then applying a night cream on dirty skin.

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The healing power of massages – and the warning signs to avoid.

The healing properties of massage was introduced into Western culture in the early 1800’s when Swedish doctor, gymnast and educator Per Henril Ling developed a method of movement known as the “Swedish Movement System.” This is regarded as the foundation for Swedish massage most commonly used today.  The benefits Massage therapy is the practice of

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Greasers Garage; the all natural retro cool stuff for men

Greasers Garage is a men’s lifestyle brand which creates cool stuff for guys. Like  Frankenstein's Monster, Greasers is the amalgamation of several era's, born out of fascination and longing for the style of bygone times. In addition to operating a popular tattoo studio in Woodstock Cape Town, owners Milo Marcer  and Nikki Kruger now provide

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Oxygen facial; the red carpet treatment now at Langaro

An Oxygen facial is the latest addition to our skincare service here at Langaro. Hailed as a red carpet treatment, its taken anti-aging to the next level with results so noticeable, you’ll be ready to face a camera on the red carpet with total confidence.  Advanced technology and the constant pursuit of youth has led

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BUP; the non-surgical facelift which works

In the pursuit of youth, lifting tired, saggy skin is a regular topic of conversation. Surgical face lists require careful consultation, hospitalization and extensive downtime which doesn’t suit every lifestyle, personal preference or pocket. Fortunately there are alternatives which doesn’t require any medical procedure or even downtime. And we have a non-surgical facelift treatment here

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