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10 home care tips to prolong your salon manicure

Nothing is more frustrating than chipping a fresh manicure. As much as we'd love to see you perched at our nail bar every day, we respect you for wanting to prolong your manicure. Budgets aren't what they used to be, are they?

Here are 10 home care tips to keep your salon manicure looking sleek and ... er polished.

1. Avoid washing your hands in hot water for at least 12 hours after a manicure. Heat hampers the curing process which will cause smudging and cracking.
2. Do not cut your cuticles. Instead, apply a quality cuticle oil, then push back with an orange stick or your fingers. We recommend OPI ProSpa Cuticle.
3. Cuticle oil will protect your nail colour for a longer lasting shine by preventing cracking. Keep a bottle in your bag and pamper your nails during the day.
4. Apply a clear top coat every 2 or 3 days to regloss and protect colour against wear and tear.
5. Matte colours carry ingredients which are not as hard wearing. If you need a mani to last longer super long, opt for gloss or glitter.

6. If you do chip a solid-colour, try painting the nail tips in glitter for a festive twist. Or detract from flaws with a full glitter coat.
7. Wear gloves like a domestic goddess when doing dishes or housework. Water expands the nail bed which will cause nail colour to lift.
8. According to celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippman, certain beauty products like sunscreen can discolour and break down nail polish. Use with care.
9. Hand sanitisers have become an essential water-saving product, especially in the Western Cape. Sadly, the bacteria-fighting alcohol will eat away at the top coat causing it to dull fade. The same principle applies to hand exfoliators which slough away dead skin as well as a glossy coat of varnish. Use carefully.
10. Finally, do not use your nails as tools to open cans or remove staples. No explanation needed. The End.

Heres' to having 10 perfect nail tips for days. See you at your appointment.